Can you do turfing?
Depending on the size of the job and time of year, we can usually prepare and lay smaller sections of turf in a standard session. For larger projects, turfing takes places in the lower season times (winter & spring). Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer hard landscaping services?
Unfortunately not, but we do have a panel of people we recommend depending on the complexity of the project.

Is a jet or patio washing service available?
Jet washing is part of our regular and ongoing maintenance packages.

Do you offer painting services (fences, walls and sheds)?
Painting is part of our regular and ongoing maintenance packages.

Do you use your own tools?
We always use our own tools. Additionally, all of our tools have petrol engines so there is no requirement for electrical power from our customers' homes. 

What happens to the gardening waste?
Woodham's will take away waste that we have created, and if your garden has the luxury of having a compost heap, we will work with you to use it. There may be certain occasions however when we have to take waste away and not use an existing compost system.

Do you do commercial projects?
Woodham's do both domestic and commercial work, and are always keen to take on new commercial clients.

Are you insured?
Woodham's are fully insured, with public liability of up to £1m. 

Do you do garden tidy ups?
Woodham's offer garden maintenance and tidy ups.

Do Woodham's work alongside other gardeners?
We are more than happy to work alongside other or existing gardeners.

Can you source plants?
We can provide all the plants and shrubs with a discount from our usual wholesaler. Take a look at our blog about bare rooted plants and planting scheme and management services.

Can Woodham's do planting plans for existing gardens?
We provide fully comprehensive planting management and garden design services. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a brief.

If you can't find your question listed above, would like any further information, or would like to discuss a brief then please don't hesitate to contact Woodham's.