Autumn Gardening Jobs

Autumn is well and truly upon us . The days are getting shorter, the plants are turning orange and the leaves are falling. Here at Woodham’s we really do love this season, and there are plenty of jobs to be done in the garden to prepare for winter and the early frosts. Here are some tips for your Autumn Gardening.


Autumn is guaranteed to leave your garden and grounds strewn with swathes of orange and red leaves. Whilst they may look pretty, it is important to have them removed, and this can be tiresome work.

Leaves should be removed from the lawn to prevent them smothering or changing the colour of the grass underneath. It is also important to have leaves removed from your pond, which can be a tedious messy job. Leaves left in the pond will eventually decompose and can cause later problems for plants or fish living in it. Furthermore, it is important to remove leaves from paths because with the rain they become very slippery and can present a hazard. Don’t forget to clear the gutters too. Then, the gathered leaves can be used to create a rich, eco-friendly compost, resulting in leaf mould which is a natural soil improver.

Leaf clearing is necessary in order to prepare the garden for winter, one of many jobs that Woodham’s offers – so save the hard work and let us do it for you.

Autumn is also the time to make any repairs that may be needed. This includes any repairs to raised beds, repairs to sheds or fences, and painting any wood with a winter friendly paint.  Additionally, rid of any dead vegetation in the garden and clear out the compost bins. Larger fruit trees may need to be tied in anticipation of any strong winds, and continue to water container plants for the upcoming drier spells. Lastly, summer bulbs such as dahlias need to be dug up and stored in airy box.


Whilst leaf clearing may appear to be the biggest job for autumn gardening, there are plenty of other planting jobs to be done. October and November is the time for evergreens to be planted – warm soil but cooler air make it the ideal time, and the evergreens will burst with green colour and gloss even in the depths of cold winters. Additionally, they are great for filling gaps in your borders.

Now is also the time for planting bulbs such as lilies, aliums crocosmia hycacinths and daffodils. Tulips should be planted in November. Planting now means the spring flowering bulbs will be ready in time for adding fresh bursts of colour to your spring borders. Bulb planting can be a tough job – why not let us here at Woodham’s do it for you? Take a look at our gardening packages

It is a great time to plant an autumn flowering crocus to add a burst of colour to the yellows and oranges. Additionally, it is time to plant perennials that may be affected by heavy frosts, and plant beds with pansies, bellis daisies and wallflowers.


The heart of your garden, the lawn, also needs to be prepared for winter. The borders need to be tidied of leaves and the lawn needs a trim and edge ready for the winter months. Thatch and moss should also be removed from the lawn and added to the compost heap. Once the lawn is mowed, an autumn fertiliser can be used.

Autumn is also the ideal time of year to lay any new turf, as it gives it plenty of time to establish for next summer. Why not let Woodham’s give you a helping hand with your lawn this autumn.

WEEDING and pruning

October presents the last time before winter to trim deciduous shrubs and hedges, ensuring that your garden looks neat and tidy over the winter months. Additionally, shrubs can be pruned to prevent any wind damage over the coming months.

Autumn is also a great time to start any landscaping plans as the garden is stripped back to its bare bones.


There is a lot to be done in the garden over autumn, most notably leaf clearing and planting – but many other little jobs too to get your garden ready for winter and give a head start for spring. Doing all these jobs really will make a big difference to your garden in the months to come – take a look at our gardening services, Woodham’s would be delighted to take care of your garden’s autumn needs across Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Westerham, Oxted, Limpsfield, Brasted or Sundridge.

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