Winter Planting with Bare Root Plants and Trees

Autumn and winter is still a time to add plants, trees and shrubs to your garden with the added advantage that they can often be cheaper if you buy bare root stock. Bare root stock are plants without soil covering the roots and the price can vary depending on the age, size and variety of the plant or tree. After being grown in a field and then lifted, the soil is shaken off and then the plants are usually posted by mail order. In order for the best possible start for your bare root plant, it is important that you are around when the plant is delivered to your home, as the roots need to be kept damp until they are planted.

Bare root stock plants often come with planting instructions, but here are some generic instructions from Woodham's

  1. Dig a hole which needs to be two or three times wider than the span of the roots but only as deep as the plant was originally in the ground. You can use some compost to help the plant on its way or some general chemical fertiliser which you can put into the planting hole.
  2. Stand the plant in the hole and start filling in, firming as you go. The important thing is to avoid air pockets around the roots so we recommend you shake the plant a little as you go. Once the plant is in the ground firm the soil around it and water.
  3. A new plant will need some extra care until it becomes established so watering during the first summer or two will be needed as well as regular watering. It is important to keep an eye on the plant and look for signs of distress such as drooping leaves. Furthermore, it can be useful to create a moat around a new plant using the soil so that water is retained around the base and soaks down into the roots.
Moreover, winter is by far the best time to set up hedges. This is because the roots in most trees and shrubs are dormant from the cold and once the climate warms up, they should adapt to the new environment they have been planted in and start growing. Bare root hedging therefore, can be also be done in the winter. 

Classic hedge ideas

  • Standard Laurel (Prunus Rotundifolia) - Evergreen
  • Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica) – Evergreen
  • Standard Holly (Ilex Aquifolium) - Evergreen
  • Hornbeams (Carpinus Betulus) -Deciduous
  • Photinia Red Robin  - Evergreen
  • Thuja Plicata (Western Red Cedar) – Evergreen
  • Taxus Baccata (Yew) – Evergreen
  • Pyracantha – Evergreen – Good for Security

More unusual Ideas

  • Viburnum Tinus (Evergreen)
  • Osmanthus Burkwoodi (Evergreen)
  • Rhododendron
  • Pittosporum Elizabeth / Irene Patterson
  • Purple Beech (Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea)
Contact Woodham's about your hedging queries, we would be delighted to talk. Additionally, we can source shrubs at competitive prices and have them delivered to your door.

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