Why We Love Autumn

As nature prepares itself for a dark and frosty winter, it is time to take in the breathtaking colours on a woodland walk or relax by the first fire of the season. Take a look at the reasons why we love autumn here at Woodham’s:

Autumnal Walks

Autumn is a delightful time to take a country stroll through the autumnal woodland and admire the sea of stunning amber leaves. Look out for the many acorns and chestnuts that have dropped and reminisce back to those childhood conker fights. It is also a great time to look out for toad stalls and mushrooms which come alive in the dampness of autumn – but remember do not touch any fungi unless you’re with an expert.


Dangerous deer

An extremely thrilling part of autumn is being able to watch deer rutting, whereby stags lock their antlers in a battle to win females. If you’re lucky enough to live near Sevenoaks, the infamous Knole Park is home to hundreds of wild deer where you can witness the enchanting natural phenomenon this autumn. If you’re going to take a peek at these majestic fights, then dawn and dusk are the best times to see, but be sure to keep your distance, rutting can become violent!


Spiders Webs

Although many of us are scared of our eight-legged friends and many of them seem to be appearing in our houses over October, they leave behind incredible webs which are enhanced in beauty by the autumnal morning dew. Take a look in the early morning at any car or hedge and you will see a charming dew covered spider’s web.

Misty Mornings

We love autumn because of the wonderful mists that autumn mornings bring. This is due to cooling temperatures, longer nights and increased moisture in the air, all culminating in an enchanting, eerie mist in the mornings before the sun burns it away and reveals the warm amber and copper tones of nature.

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