Winter Gardening Jobs

Whilst it may seem that over the winter months it is time to curl up by the fire and forget about the importance of the garden, that is not the case! Take a look at the tips from Woodham's about what can be done in your garden over winter. 


  • Winter is a time to prune dormant plants and roses, so that they don't get damaged in the wind. Read our other recent blog on the specifics of rose pruning and preparing roses for winter.
  • Winter is also the season to sow geranium seed, cut and lift dahlias, and pot chrysanthemums.
  • It is also important to check existing plants' compost so that it doesn't dry out due to the cold. Watering should also be kept to a minimum. 


Winter is more of a time for garden maintenance.

  • Treat timber with preservative or wood colouring to protect from harsh winters and use the time to repair fences, trellises and pergolas ready for spring. 
  • If you use a petrol mower it is all too easy to put it away at the end of the season and forget about it until spring. It is really worthwhile spending time cleaning the mower deck and collection bag before putting the machine away, as this will cause it to rot or rust. It is also recommended to run the machine dry of petrol in order to clear our the carburettor. Degraded fuel in the carburettor and fuel tank is the most common reason for lawnmowers not working in the spring. You can also use a fuel stabiliser in the fuel tank. Petrol has a relatively short life and is often another cause of mowers failing to start. Stabiliser is available to buy online.
  • It is important to cover ponds with netting to prevent leaves falling in, and to remove filters and pumps.
  • Keep garden tools in good condition over the winter so that they are ready for use again next spring. 
  • It is important to clear the patio, driveway and lawn of leaves and clean out the greenhouse.

Lastly, enjoy winter and the beauty of a frost covered garden in the mornings!

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